Sub-system: Robot Chassis

The chassis is built with Aluminium parts from Tetrix FTC Kit. The wheels and DC motors are also from the Tetrix FTC Kit. 12 inch long sections of PVC pipe from Home-Depot were used to make the neck.

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Starting with the initial 3D conceptual design, robot construction went through several assembly dis-assembly iterations, to fix minor problems encountered during construction. Final assembly steps of the main chassis are shown in the following pictures.

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Sub-system: Power Supply

The robot is powered by a rechargeable battery which comes with a charger. Both battery and charger are part of the Tetrix FTC Kit. Battery has a fuse and on/off switch in series with the +V terminal.

The battery has the following specifications:

  • Chemistry: NiMH
  • Cells: 10
  • Voltage: 12V (10V discharged, 13V charged)
  • Current Capacity: 3000 mAh


Battery power is distributed to the rest of the robot through a Power Board. The Power Board supplies power to the Motor Controller directly at 12V and to the Raspberry Pi and aLaMode Boards through a 12V to 5V (1A) switching regulator. An identical switching regulator is used to provide 5V to power the speakers. There is room for adding a third 12V to 5V switching regulator on the Power Board for future power requirements. The 12V to 5V switching regulators were obtained by dis-assembling  two identical car cell phone chargers bought on eBay for about $2 a piece.