Entry 17-Final Presentation

With the semester almost ending, I started working on my final presentation for my Internship class. For my project, I chose the theme of tips and tricks that I learned while working for Calling All Graphics over these few months.

I used a lot of files I made while working at CAG as photographic references. I essentially wanted to make a presentation about some of the things you have to be familiar with when working with Marla. However, these tips apply to any Graphic Desing field you plan to or are working with.

Final Presentation Link Here

Blog 16 Manor Bagels

Marla asked me to recreate a logo for a restaurant called Manor Bagels. I was sent a picture she took of it on a beanie to use as a reference. For this task she wanted me to make the logo exactly how it appeared in the picture. It was pretty easy to do in Adobe Illustrator. I started looking for a font. I eventually found a font that looked almost identical to the “Manor Bagels” text. I also found a script text that also looked similar to the font used in the red circle.

After finding these fonts I used a very useful and well-known feature in illustrator called “image trace” which allows you to transform vector images into shapes by essentially tracing the image over and creating shape layers out of them. In the end, my result looked very accurate to the logo in the picture. I then put the logo on a black t-shirt as a way to show how it would look.

Entry 15 Fresco

So I recently had to go back to a menu from The restaurant called  Fresco. They wanted some new price changes to some of the items on their menu. I had to make changes to the Breakfast, Egg Platter, Triple Deckers, Cold Sandwichiwes, and quite a few other sections. Unlike the last time, these changes took less time since it wasn’t required to change the majority of the prices on the menu.

As far as the look of the menu, I like the contrast between the black background and the bright colors like white, yellow, and red. The organization of the menu also looks great. As far as the logo, I did like the addition of the fork and knife utensils.