Project #2 Texture exploration


In this assignment, we had to cut out pictures of textures from Magazines. The purpose of this was to make a pattern/theme out of them. In my work I tried to show a gradual change in color as it start from the top left image , a dark blue texture, then goes down from right to left and then continues from the top of the second panel and goes down all the way to the last texture on the right, which is a dark orange.

I learned how simply putting together different pictures of different objects with texture can make an art piece and environment/theme. I also learned how much textures can be found in the world around you.


In this Project we had to draw line in order to show Movement. I learned how you can see movement in an art pieces with just using lines

I tried to make my piece to show how a line can gradually open up from the bottom towards the top. I felt this could have looked better if i had made my lines more thick.

Project #4 “spots” drawing

In the beginning of this project, we had to draw spots in our sketchbooks that we planned to use for the final display. It was very difficult to make and draw up the spots because they had to look like a little random or not like you were trying to make a specific thing or shape.

Our final task, was to create 3 drawing of 20 spots. We had to have one drawing that showed three variables , another showed five and the last one had seven variables. I learned that just simply shading and erasing a drawing or spot can create unique patterns. I also learned how to see variables from the principles of graphic design in your art piece. I felt I did very well in this project.


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