Winds were blowing heavily as the storm approach Sunday night-Monday. People rushed out uf work into the last trains that will run in order to get home safe. NYC looked as if it was getting ready for war “WITH MOTHER NATURE”. AS the storm approached news casters, weather media informed us in different parts how bad the winds were getting advising us to stay indoors.  Charging everything my phone laptop ect.. with a packed bag on the side of my bed with necessary clothing just in case me and my family had to evacuate. As i tried to sleep i would here the loud crashing of tress falling, car alarms going off, Firetruck siren going crazy. My dog stood by the window whimpering loudly as i kept telling him to shut uppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But luckily nothing drastic happened to us we stayed with light just a bunch of tress and debris everywhere. As we watched the news we saw the horrible stuff that has happened in lower Manhattan and jersey it was heart breaking.

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