Teaching Philosophy

I think that learning should be fun. So do we all. Here at CityTech, we may be part of a commuter-college culture, but that doesn’t mean we can’t form bonds.

Just this semester, Hawa (pictured) said, “Here it is, already the end of the semester, and only now people are starting to open up. I wish it was sooner.”

Well, it’s only October 30th in this photo. There’s still at least a month and a half left.

Adeeba said, “It’s always better when you have friends in class.”

Alexis, “It’s better when people bring the same energy as you.”

I agree with them all. Except, I always have to say goodbye to all my students at the end of the semester. They, at least, have each other for the next few years.

A new crop, next time.

But for now, I’ll keep this one. : )