I’m a Cross Trainer. No single discipline can hold me.

Here’s a photograph taken by one of my students, Maxwell Rosario. His classmates in English 1121 helped me write a funding proposal so that this, and 10 other of his photos, could get printed and framed. Then, we got together with students in my other two classes, and helped him put on exhibition — his first solo show, ever. (See “Institutional Service,” above). Why should an English student have an art show? Why not? Just look at all those stickers on the crosswalk signs. Writing is everywhere.

I am a kinaesthetic learner, and I teach in much the same way I learn: actively. I get involved in the greater life of our Campus, knowing it will trickle down to my experience inside the classroom. I also believe that the small steps I make in creating Active Learners in my classroom will eventually effect, not just the Campus, but the world.