Besides the certificates below of various achievements, four of the most memorable achievements in my life, followed each other in my career and left a lifetime of experience and learning that has enabled me keep climbing in my path of building and owning my event company one day.

In 1999 I helped as an assistant chef to open an Indian specialty restaurant (one of it’s kind) that went on to become a hit in the City of Mombasa. One year down the line I was the one in charge for another one year before I got a new job.

The new job I got was to open a new South African fast food restaurant in the City of Mombasa as the first franchisee unit in the country. Whereas I ha applied as a head cook or chef, I was promoted to the restaurant manager at the end of three weeks training. I managed that restaurant for three years before  I got a new job.

In 2003 I got a call of a new hotel that had advertised for a general managers position and a Executive Chef. I qualified for both positions but I opted for the managers position, so that I could challenge myself as I prepare to run my own. This is the mos t challenging task I have ever undertaken considering that by then I didn’t have any formal training in management or administration. But four years down the line I had run one of the most profitable hotel in the town of Karatina. It was a two star Hotel with 40 rooms. The successes of this hotel spurred growth and investment and as of now there are four or five new hotels.

When I interviewed for my current job in 2007 as the Chef to the Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations there was no hosting or catering for events. But when I came in, The Embassy was able to save huge amount of money because all the services of event catering and hosting that were previously outsourced are now done within, we just hire professional labor from the agencies.


This is my most recent academic achievement.

lab 017


This is a an appreciation certificate that I was awarded in helping co-ordinate the accomodation and catering needs of doctors without borders rendering healthy services in the central region of Kenya, that was organized by Avenue Healthycare’s Express.


lab 014


This is a certificate of attendance in training on Customer Service Excellence.

lab 013

This is a certificate awarded after basic training as a trainer for The Boys Brigade.

lab 012

This is a certificate of attendance for a three day training in Family Life Education.

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