Collaborative Project

Puzzle Team


My first big¬†collaborative project has been the companies Annual Report. This document is about 28-32 pages long, which will be produced as a booklet (brochure). The full color document will encapsulate the past¬† year, as well as speak to what is coming next. I have been working with the theme to make sure the design conveys it’s idea.

While I will help with the design and layout, I am responsible for video portion that will accompany the online version of the document. I have already begun to film. I am in the process of filming and assembling all the data. I have already worked on some motion graphics and continue to contribute to the layout and design of the overall document.

I’ve created many sample layouts and design. I started off with a mood board, which they loved, and have since moved on to layout. working in a group has been good so far. A few hiccups, but I think that is to be expected. the entire team (4) have been involved, and we normally communicate though email and in-person. We sit very close to one another, so it is easy to just talk in-person, which has mad things very easy.

We’ve been successful as far as timeline goes. We are a full week ahead of schedule so far. We could have been a bit further ahead, but differences of ideas and miscommunication have slowed us down. We have been good on the creative front so far, and hope to stay out ahead. I’ll post updates as to when this is completed.