Learning On The Job

Learning on the Job

My first big¬†collaborative project has been the companies Annual Report. This document is about 28-32 pages long, which will be produced as a booklet (brochure). The full color document will encapsulate the past¬† year, as well as speak to what is coming next. I have been working with the theme to make sure the design conveys it’s idea.

I last shared how the project was going along and where I was. I’m happy to report that I’ve learned some new animation techniques which have been crucial to my workflow improvement!

After creating a few alternative lower thirds, I found a way to create a mask that scales with text! This has been a huge help as I have been manually tweeking and resizing shapes in order to mask text. I can totally skip that now and just type what I want (like a name and/or title), and the mask automatically scales up or down with it.

I discovered this while learning with a coworker. He thought it was possible, but didn’t know how to do it. I did some research and using what I already knew, I figured it out within a couple hours. Now all of my lower thirds have been completed for the project. My coworkers and boss are really happy about that. I hope to use this technique/idea in other aspects within this very project. Learning on the job is very fun, and I can’t wait to learn more.