Access yourself

When I went to the John Hopkins career planning website and accessed my self. it gave me some of the career options that was not very surprising to me some of the results involved information technology,manufacturing, engineering, construction/ architecture. These did not surprise me as I am currently enrolled for an engineering degree. These answers were based on my preference and my personality. But what indeed was amusing for me was its ability to give me and students the feedback on what careers we should pursue so accurately. Because of this assessment I was able to verify that I am in the right education path.


My name is Shisir Rana. I am an engineering student at city tech I am taking HSCI1101 this fall semester not only as an elective but I am also interested in the Health field as a backup profession.

Research career path

I wanted to research on the field of engineering. So the John Hopkin’s website provided me with the platform to research my career path. I decided to pick “The career project” link to research my career path, where it have me various career options to pick. I decided to pick mechanical engineering as it was the degree that I am enrolled to and also want to pursue it as a career. I discovered that mechanical engineers require a bachelors degree for this career but for better opportunities a graduate degree is required. Since mechanical engineering is a vast field. i did further research and caught an interest in design engineering. Through research I learned that design engineer which is a job title under mechanical engineering have the responsibility to design tools / molds and check if they are okay to use. Only a bachelor’s degree is required and starting salary was from 60,000 to 70,ooo per year. I am still open minded about other positions but at the moment, i am interested in further researching in design engineering.


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