A Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

This past Thursday I had the amazing opportunity to participate for Spoons Across America at PS 132. I knew I was going to work with children but I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Once I arrived and got acquainted with the teachers who helped the students create this feast, I was lead to a station where I would collaborate with another volunteer. We had carrots, celery, peppers, and other ingredients to create a dressing. Our task, was to lead two groups of about 10 kids in prepping these veggies. The children were given these plastic serrated knifes that worked more by force than anything, all for their safety of course.

I have to admit, it was a blast to see these kids working to get this dinner ready. They chopped and talked. Now I understand why Chef Claude likes silence in his kitchen. It was loud, so I had to come up with ways to get their attention and focus on me. It was mostly by asking questions, or showing them tips and tricks on the prepping that I managed my little group.

Once the prepping portion was done, I helped clean up, assign duties, check table settings, and assist in anything to have the cafeteria ready for the parents. Some kids had a great interest in food, others in decorating, while some just wanted to help in any way possible. There were also a few entertainers there, literally the life of the party.

I had a long train ride back home, so I had to leave early, but I left feeling full of life, joy, and pride for the kids we are shaping. I realize that one person can make a difference. All these children made a difference for me. I encourage you to check out any volunteering opportunities with Spoons Across America. They are educational and really fun for everyone!

I hope I see you at the next event! Stay tuned!

Drawing and decorating the tables with messages of gratitude, smileys, and hearts

Drawing and decorating the tables Spoons Across America and hearts


Teachers and students help each other plan an unforgettable Thanksgiving event

Teachers and students help each other plan an unforgettable Thanksgiving event

Friends ensure tables are set and ready for the families

Friends ensure tables are set and ready for the families

Proudly showing off their loving personal messages to friends and family

Proudly showing off their loving personal messages to friends and family

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Support The Garden Club Tomorrow 11/20/14


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Calling all Volunteers for The Dinner Party Project at Gracie Mansion!!

The Dinner Party Project is a dynamic family-focused food education program involving children (5th-8th graders) in the entire process of producing a dinner party for their families at a school or community center.

Want to see what they’ve learned? Come support Spoons Across America and PS132 (Washington Heights) on friday May 31st.

Please fill out this form to let us know you avilability. See you there!



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Spoons Club Featured On Study With the Best

Check this out!


Study With The Best

“This month, the news magazine show about CUNY looks at cuisine throughout and beyond CUNY. Tinabeth Pina anchors the show at the City Tech hospitality management program, where our guides, Susan Lifreiri-Lowry and Joanne Jacus, walk us through some cooking demos. Kristen Battaglia, a City Tech student, enters the first ever U.S. Student Pastry Competition, and how do you think she did? After this, we’ll follow chef and restauranteur Michael Lomonaco at his world-renowned restaurant Porter House New York in the Time Warner Center. We will watch up and coming chef Kubee Kassaye, who migrated here from Ethiopia and has made quite a name for herself in New York restaurants. The Spoons Across America program will teach young children about bees and honey. And finally, we profile one of the few sake samurais in the world, Roger Dagorn. Don’t know what that is? Watch to find out!”



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Our Next Program “Food Miles Relay”!!

Register now to volunteer for our upcoming Food Miles Relay (FMR) program, May 13-17th. Spoons Across America currently seeks volunteers for two upcoming opportunities:
1. Aid in curriculum packing Wednesday, May 1st (12-4pm) and/ or Friday May 3rd (12-4pm). (2 hour shifts available)
2. In-school curriculum leader the week of May 13th.1.) Curriculum Packing:
URGENT! Help is needed, Wednesday, May 1st and Friday, May 3rd between the hours of 12-4pm. 2 hour shifts of your convenience are available. Packing is held at the Spoons office in mid-town Manhattan. (Snacks provided.) Sign up below!2.) In-School Curriculum Leader:  
During the week of May 13th to 17th get more involved in the FMR program by leading a classroom in our ladders-based relay race! You must be available for one 60-minute volunteer slot (15 minutes of set-up plus 45-minutes to lead the curriculum). Curriculum Leaders will have the opportunity to match themselves to the school/ schedule of their choice. Let us know if you’d like to lead more than one classroom activity– more help is always appreciated! More about the program is below. In-person training is required. Sign up below!

How to Volunteer:  
1) Note your availability for Curriculum Packing and/ or In-School Curriculum Leader on our shared Google Doc available at this link:
(Please only edit YOUR OWN info)
2) In-School Curriculum Leaders must attend a training held:
Thursday, May 2nd, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at
      the International Culinary Center
in Soho, 462 Broadway (b/w Broome & Grand)
(School schedules will be available shortly for sign up, before the training.)
*If you are able to volunteer for more than one class period please let us know! We will attempt to pair you with back-to-back classroom activities.

Program Details: FMR is a 45-minute, 4th-grade core-based curriculum that takes place one day during the week of May 13-17, according to a school’s schedule (plus approximately 15 minutes of set up is involved in this program.)  FMR is an exciting, fun, hands-on, physically active program offering students the opportunity to learn: What “Food Miles” are and how far food items travel from their origin; That it often takes more energy for food to travel from far away than it does to travel from more local sources; To pay more attention to where their food comes from; That locally grown foods are freshest; That the quality and taste of food can be affected by the distance it traveled, how it is handled and stored. This is accomplished through the running of a “ladders” relay- type course in conjunction with discussion.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you! 🙂

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Thank you!

Hello Spooners! I wanted to send out a very big thank you to everyone that attended the Spoons Across America Club meeting last week. Professor Stewart gave an amazing presentation on honey and we tasted so many varieties Thank you again for all the volunteers who worked so hard behind the scenes. I will be sending out a reminder about The Dinner Party Project on May 31st and how to volunteer and represent the club 🙂


See you all at the Kitchen Feud on April 25th!

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National Agriculture Literacy Week


Look what Spoons Across America is doing this week! The origin of our upcoming meeting on April 4th HONEY! Spoons Across America is the primary implementer of Cornell Cooperative Extensions’s New York Agriculture Literacy Week. Each Spring, 2nd graders learn about New York state agriculture – what kinds of food are grown and produced in the state, what areas these food come from and the people who are involved in growing and producing them.

Want to learn more? Visit site below!


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Spring Meeting!

The Spoons Across America Club is having a meeting on April 4th at 12:45pm during club hours in N206! We will be having a Honey Tasting lead by our very own Professor Clair Stewart and talking about the club! Please join us for some honey and some food! All are welcome
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New Opportunity to Help Spoons Across America!

Hello Spooners,

I’m looking forward to a productive semester! As some of you may know
we will be having our next Spoons Club meeting  on Thursday April 4th at
1 p.m. celebrating the club great success last year!

Our main goals for the this semester is to  get more volunteers
involved in delivering the  Spoons programs in the city!

You have an opportunity this March to participate!

If you have any questions please ask me or our wonderful Program
Director Stacey and we will have answers!

Spoons Across America is back with another fabulous program season and
we need YOU, our AMAZING Spooner, to lead curriculum for upcoming
programs! Our signature Agriculture Literacy
Program<http://spoonsacrossamerica.org/?page_id=1042> is just around
the corner. Register now by following this

We seek volunteers for two opportunities to aid in our upcoming
ALW<http://spoonsacrossamerica.org/?page_id=1042> program:
1. Help with curriculum packing Thursday, March 7 (12-4PM) or Friday,
March 8 (10AM-2PM)
2. Participate as an In-School Curriculum Leader the week of March
18-22. (Details below.)

Program Details:
ALW is a 45-minute, 2nd-grade core-based curriculum that takes place
one day during the week of March 18-22, according to a school’s
schedule, during the school day, 8AM to 3PM. An additional 15-minutes is
required for set-up.
ALW, in conjunction with Cornell University’s New York Agriculture in
the Classroom, fosters awareness, understanding, and appreciation of
agriculture and the food and fiber system. Agricultural literacy is the
basic knowledge that all citizens need to make informed decisions
impacting careers, health, and public policy. NY Ag in the Classroom,
including the Kids Growing Food school garden program and the Be Aware
of NY Agriculture Contest, is available on the NY Ag in the Classroom
website www.nyaged.org<http://www.nyaged.org/>.

This year’s ALW includes reading the book The Honeybee Man, a story
of urban beekeeping. The theme is HONEY! We have an amazing urban-themed
rooftop beekeeping book and I’m working on honey donations for

If you are interested in participating I will do my best to place you
in a schedule/ location convenient to you. Our school schedule is still
being compiled and I will get this to you when it is ready.

How to Volunteer:
1. Complete the Volunteer Registration form linked
When registered, you’ll receive schedule information for ALW.

2. In-School Curriculum Leaders must attend a training held:
Thursday, March 7, 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
at the International Culinary Center in Soho
462 Broadway (b/w Broome & Grand)
If you cannot attend the training and still want to participate we can
still use your help as Volunteer Aid.

Questions? Contact Program Director Stacey Ornstein
/ 347-639-0701<tel:347-639-0701>)

Thank you for your consideration – I hope to see you this March!

Our spring program, Food Miles Relay, is May 13 to 17, 2013. Training
will be held May 2.

Raymond Garcia
Spoons Club President
Hospitality Management Department
New York City College of Technology
300 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY

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Hello world!

Welcome to CityTech Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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