2 thoughts on “HW for Mon (3/4)”

  1. One thing in the documentary that I watched on monday is related to my essay is how catfishing on the internet can destroy people life in a second. In my eassy I talkd about catfishing. Catfish is when people create a fake identity on the internet for a romance scam or to deceive people.  In the documantary I saw that how wainer anthony got destroy because of his catfishing on the internet. He create a fake identity to flirt with young girls. But in the end he got manipulated other. He had to leave his carrer for his scam. In the film shows that how can scocial media affect other and if you want to deceive other; oneday will get deceive by your scam.


  2. In my essay I wrote about the various aspects of social media. How people use it on their own purpose. Sometimes people use it in a good way but sometimes they use it to harm others. Just like the movie we watched. Anthony Weiner did everything to win the election and he almost won. But because of social media he not only lost the election but also everything he had. It’s ruin his hole life

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