HW for Wed (2/27)

Hi all,
Please remember to bring 2 print copies of Essay 1 to Wednesday’s class.  In addition, please submit your draft online as a Google Doc.
Lastly, please complete a brief blog post on the film, following the prompt below.
Watch Kriegman and Steinberg’s Weiner (2016).  ( <– This is a download link that will only work for 7 days; the film can be streamed—for a fee—here.)  Make notes during the film and, at the end, write a paragraph about something in it that connects to something you’re writing about in your Essay 1.
On Wed, I will continue checking in with students wanting help with essays or other work assigned this semester.

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  1. In the film that we watched I figured out that it took them a lot of work for campaigns and it tools time for it to be successful. I can say this is related about my essay because I spoke about technology and selfie and his campaign was successful because he used better technologies and came up with better idea to tell his supporters . The social media can cause so much problems that it made a big impact on his campaign that’s cause him to lost . We all can use technology in our own preferences but it will make life so much easier for us 

    1. Wladimir,

      Great response. Can you say a bit more specifically how you think the campaign used technology to its advantage?  I see clearly in the film how technology brought about the downfall of the campaign, but it’s less clear to me how technology worked in favor of Weiner’s campaign.



  2. The thing that is in the movie which connects with my essay is photos that Mr. Wiener. In my essay, I’m discussing memes what usually are photos with descriptions. In the movie, the phots destroyed his career. In my essay, memes can sometimes have misinformation in them, which can cause trouble for the peoples in them.

  3. one thing in the movie that connects with my essay is that there will be a lot of haters that will try to stop you from Achieving your goals. They will bring your past and put you down. In my essay, I will be talking about a conflict with one of my teacher.

  4. one thing in the movie that connects with my essay is that there will be a lot of haters that will try to stop you from Achieving your goals. They will bring your past and put you down. In my essay, I will be talking about a conflict with one of my teacher.

  5. At the start of Anthony Wiener’s campaign he discloses that he had a made a mistake in his personal life and that he has learned from it and was ready to move on. This had a really great impact in the beginning of his campaign because of the message he was trying to conveying was relatable; everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. He also was catering majority of his plans to middle-class New Yorkers while also visiting and representing the LGBT, African-American, and Latino communities. In my essay I described relatability as one of the main features of a meme. The more relatable a meme or something is, the more popular and invigorated it will be. Once other parts of the scandal were released to the public media it really took a toll on his campaign. It destroyed the initial message that he was trying to convey and since this was the second time the scandal was publicized, his response was less relatable. After this moment in his campaign he was not able to recover what he had lost. Likewise when a meme is no longer relatable it too dies.

  6. One thing in the movie that connects with my essay is based on how many people were constantly hating on a guy who just wanted to be successful and achieve his goals, however with so much conflicts and negative comments it caused a-lot of problems in his life. In my essay I’m talking about objectifying woman when posting pictures(selfies) of themselves on social media  , which leads so many people that tend to have negative comments and this ends up affecting their self esteem and people emotionally.(my friends for ex)

  7. One thing in the film that relates to my essay is manipulation. In the film, social media manipulates people to go against Anthony Wiener. In my essay, I talk about how people use selfies to manipulate the viewers to build a new/fake persona.

  8. Watching “Kriegman and Steinberg’s Weiner” I saw a lot of connections with my essay since I wrote about smartphones. From the beginning of the documentary where the scandal started, where Weiner’s private pictures were leaked. If he didn’t have a smartphone none of this wouldn’t happen but the smartphone changed that. We use smartphones every day and it’s part of our life’s whether we like it or not. Wiener’s scandal is one of many other scandals that happened. From Kim Kardashian’s sex tape to the the the most recent one of Jeff Bezos’s private messages.

  9. Don’t be staranger’s anaysis

    * Chens mentions how he met with his best friend on the internet.

    *Chen describe that eventhough two stranger meeting on the online is still suspicious; it is  a place people can build their relationship with stranger.

    *Most of the time, the relationship build through these networking site do not end up as we expected them to.

    *He mention that some people believe that everybody on the internet are not a bad person.

    * Some people on the internet fear that everybody out there are catfish and they are just chat to stranger to feed their sick mind.

    *Chen also talks about Licklinder for an extensive amount of his article. He believes that thet there are always will be people trying to troll other online, but it is point of going online if you are going to confine your thought to a small group.

    * Chen states that online utopia where we all get along and jobs would be plentiful with the amount of work needed to take care of the internet.


  10. In my essay I wrote about the various aspects of social media. How people use it on their own purpose. Sometimes people use it in a good way but sometimes they use it to harm others. Just like the movie we watched. Anthony Weiner did everything to win the election and he almost won. But because of social media he not only lost the election but also everything he had. It’s ruin his hole life

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