I am very happy that I found the internship position at Mirko Ilic. I have learned so much from Mirko. I enjoy working on the projects and learning more techniques with design. I also enjoy looking and reading the  books that are in the studio. Many of the books have so much beautiful designs or illustration, as well as insight on the projects. I have learned so many things, such as

  • never be afraid to ask questions,
  • accepting criticism,
  • professional communication
  • pay attention to small detail
  • failed attempts and criticism will help you grow
  • don’t be afraid to take a breather when you are stuck with a project.

New Project

I received a new project in my internship. Which is a branding project. I have to create a logo that is a wordmark. After the logo is finalized. I will have to create business cards, logo on a bag and an outdoor sign for the company.  So far I am currently sketching the logo and  I am still in that process.

I finally have a project

Around the middle of April, I had finally received my first project. My supervisor told me that I was going to make two wine labels for a client from Croatia. My supervisor sat with me and together we looked over wine labels. He told me that the client wanted two wine separate labels on one bottle and that later the client was going to visit the studio. I had looked at various books of wine labels. My supervisor spoke with the client and after the client left. My supervisor showed me the logo that he created for the wine and then gave me the logo and specs for the wine. I created various sketches. My Supervisor did not like them, so I created more. He ended up liking one of the labels. So I then created then digitally and after it was good, I was able to photoshop the label on a wine label. I was told that after the client gives more information. I will later design the back label.

My Role Model

My Role Model is my Supervisor, Mirko Ilic. He is a great designer, with such strong, outstanding design. He has accomplished so much. He is a passionate, skillful and very creative. He has art directed posters, books and record covers. He was an art director for Time Magazine and for the New York Times. He created his own design firm, working for himself and becoming successful at that as well. He also became the vice president of AIGA in 1995.

He  treats everyone with respect, gives great design advice and feedback. With him you will always learn something. He is never late. He travels a lot, so when he is traveling, he lets you know beforehand. He is very generous and provides lunch for the people that either work or intern for him. He is a great mentor and role model. I will update on Monday with a photo. 


During my time as an intern I believe that I had grown so much as a designer. Ive learned how to deal with criticism and to push in order to bring a great design to the table. When I began my first project at my internship. It was very difficult for me to come up with a great design. I had little information and I was very stuck. My supervisor did not like the first versions of my designs. I became upset with the criticism, but I learned how to deal with it and learn from it. I was able to come up with a great design.

My responsibilities

When it comes to work in the internship. Work has been slow. So I haven’t had much to do. I have posted 2 blog entries before for my supervisor. I have also done some errands such as going to the post office or delivering a package for someone near by. When there isn’t anything to do. My supervisor encourages to read design books. Since the studio is filled with them. He also takes a look at my design work and gives me design advice also lets me borrow books that he believes that could help me out. I also have gotten insight on his work and designs when, he works on them digitally. When the studio isn’t as slow and there is more work to do. I will add it onto the blog post.

The studio

 The attire in the studio is informal. On my internship days, I dress for work normal, pretty causal, such as jeans and a blouse. The dress code is not strict.  For the interview, I did dress formal, with dressy black pants, simple blouse and a black blazer.

In the internship, the place is pretty small but is fine since not much people are there. It is pretty organized and the place has many books about design, illustration. Anything that has to do with design/creativity. My work station is an open work area. My hours are from 10 – 5 and lunch time is at 1. Which lunch is provided for me. We either eat Japanese, Thai, Italian, sandwich wraps, etc.


How I found my internship

My role in the company is that I am a graphic design intern that assist the creative director/designer when needed. Such as blogging, sketching and creating layouts. My supervisor is Mirko Ilic. He is the founder of his firm called Mirko Ilic Corp. He is also the creative director of his firm.

I found this internship on indeed. I did my research on the company and became interested. So I applied for the position. I received an email a few days later for an interview. Which was an in-person interview and I was interviewed by one person, which was Mirko ilic’s assistant at the time. The type of questions that were asked was to tell her about myself. About the programs that I know how to use. (Which indesign and illustrator is mostly used within the firm). My days in which I am available and about my portfolio. Afterwards I waited 2 weeks. I did a follow up email and two days later I received an email that I got the internship.

My first Internship

For this semester, I work for a private design firm called Mirko Ilic Corp. The design firm was created in 1995 by Mirko Ilic and it is located in Midtown , New York. It is a small studio with just the one designer. Mirko Ilic Corp is focused on graphic design, such as branding, editorial books, posters and the owner also organizes galleries. Mirko Ilic Corp gains a wide range of clients from all around the world.  I was able to receive a graphic design internship at this firm.