Davida S. Smyth

Microbiology (BY 3302) COURSE INFORMATION

Hello and Welcome!

I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. Microbiology is a great subject and I hope you enjoy the study of the subject as much as I do.

How to contact me

My email is dsmyth@citytech.cuny.edu. My phone is 7182604984. I will have office hours that will be decided at the start of the semester but you can always make an appointment to see me or drop in on the chance that I’m in the office. It’s located in Pearl 313. I also use skype if you need an appointment outside of college hours. I always respond to emails as quickly as I can.

You can also email me on blackboard. I will not respond to non-CityTech email addresses. I also post announcements and send email from blackboard. Make sure you can access blackboard and that your email address is your CityTech email address. I post the lecture notes, study guides and other materials on blackboard. Make sure you can use it.

I also use Openlab. Make sure you have an account. You will opportunity to get bonus marks from the assignments I place there.


In addition to the lecture eText (And I recommend that you buy the eText, it’s cheaper and has online materials) and the lab manual, you will need additional materials. For the lab, you will need pencils, a pen, a lab coat, and a sharpie. These supplies can all be obtained from the bookstore or at masteringmicrobiology.com. Long hair must be tied back, no heels, no open toed shoes, and lab coats must be worn. If you do not follow these rules, you will be sent home, no exceptions. If you are sent home, you will be marked absent. Microbiology lab is hazardous and I observe the rules. You should respect the lab.

Attendance and lateness

You must attend both lecture and lab. This means that no more than 3 lecture or 2 lab absences will be tolerated. It is expected that you will be in your seat and ready to work at the start of each period, I allow 10 mins of pre lab/lecture discussion time beyond which you are classified as late. Any 2 latenesses will be considered to be equal to 1 absence.

Grading Policy

Your grade for the Microbiology course is computed by adding 50% of your lecture grade to 50% of your lab grade. There are 4 lecture examinations, which each cover roughly one quarter of the lecture work as indicated in the outline.  I will announce these at least one week in advance. For the lab, there are four written exams and two practical exams. Each of the written exams count for 20% and the two practical exams each count for 10%. I only ask questions that were on the slides, or I covered in class. I will not find material that I didn’t cover in the book and examine you on it. If you study the notes and the lab manual, you will pass. I’m not an easy A. I expect you to work hard and study. But I’m always ready and willing to help you pass. I will also help you with studying if you need guidance.



Letter Grade  Numerical Ranges 
A 93-100
A- 90-92.9
B+ 87-89.9
B 83-86.9
B- 80-82.9
C+ 77-79.9
C 70-76.9
D 60-69.9
F 59.9 and below


You are responsible for all material, announcements, or assignments mentioned in class whether you are present or not so try the following:

1. Write down the name of your instructor(s), the office, phone extension and office hours. I highly recommend that you form study groups and that you get the names and phone numbers of several classmates who may be contacted in the event that you are absent. I will bring this up on the first day and I will make you work in teams for some classes. These could form the basis of your study groups

2. Check Blackboard for announcements, links and schedules from me regularly. I often post helpful materials there. I put the lecture notes up in advance that you can print them prior to coming to class.

3. In order to optimize your performance, it is strongly advised that you read your lecture and lab assignments prior to coming to class. At the end of each chapter in the text and in the lab manual review questions are available for you to test yourself. I will quiz you regularly in class, after class, before class. Come prepared. I will expect that you come to class knowing what we covered last week.

4. If you are struggling, if you don’t get something, if you have any problems, if you can’t hear me, see me, understand me, let me know! Don’t wait until you are failing before you come see me. I will help as best I can.












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