Hello)))!!! We are Streptococcus pyogenes))))

Hello)))!!! We are Streptococcus pyogenes . We have very complex wall structure. Our outermost capsule made of hyaluronic acid that is very similar to out host connective tissue. Therefore, we can escape those bad neighbors- macrophages and build our colony-houses located usually in respiratory neighborhood.  We are very positive guys, everyone call us Gram-positive, Hmm,what does it mean???but still, Yes!!!- we are positive!!! Even if we live in facultative anaerobic place, not motile and do not produce spores, we still happy, because we close to our friends and live in a long chains of cocci or in pairs!!! Plus, we called “Virulence Factors Group A Streptococcus” and beta- hemolytic. AAAAA!!!!! We are the best and the first as you see!!! You studied in laboratory class that our metabolism is fermentative. We need an enriched media that supplied with highly nutritious materials as blood. You saw results of Beta-hemolysis, where we produced toxin that formed clear zone on blood agar, showing our ability to destroy red blood cells. Actually, we destroy white blood cells as well!!!

We love to go for a vacation to 4 stars “Throat” palace as the most frequent pathogen-guests. For them it might be too much of us because they don’t expect to see us in big groups. But, we are very generous to all of them, because we always leave big tips and presents as a headache, swollen lymph nodes, fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea, scarlet fever, impetigo.

Our best memorable and unforgettable vacation was in 5 stars “Skin& Deep Tissue” palace. It was very expensive place, so we do not visit very often that hotel. Our friends and family members-Streptococcaceae were so happy there, because we had good variety of food and it was all inclusive. Therefore, we had our fiesta together. We ate as much as we could.  We usually started to eat from” Skin” appetizers, followed by entrees and main dishes as” Deep tissues” and finished with expensive beverages as “Bloody cells”. We became very famous in those hotels))), because we always left huge tips called Necrotizing fasciitis!!! They even gave us nick name – “Flesh eaters”.

So, among of those experiences we had, we came to one conclusion and wanted to give suggestion. Travel to 5 stars all-inclusive hotels only!!! They are the best!!!



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