Suggestions for the Final Presentation

The goal of the presentation is to present your app to a potential investor.
Maybe an order something like this:
  1. Introduce the App
  2. What is the purpose of the App? What was the clients original goal?
  3. Demonstrate your Research
    1. About in Industry
    2. About the Competitors
    3. General Trends in Culture (if applicable)
  4. Mention what you learned about your users
    1. Who they are? (the persona)
    2. what they do? (the scenario)
    3. How they do it? (the journey map)
  5. Show Visual Development of the Product
    1. Mood board
    2. Style tile
    3. Mockup
  6. Explain how your product improves the user’s experience
  7. Demo Prototype

Remember, at every stage of your presentation you should address how you recognized and solved the problems of your users.

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