ADV 1100- View from my window (Assignment #1)

 The “View from my window” project was a challenge. I loved this project because it gave me a chance to learn a different side of designs. Using the material that were given, I knew it will be a challenge. Our first step was to sketch 12 thumbnail sketches of views from my window. This was a big problem for me because i didn’t have windows in my room believe it or not. It didn’t stop me from drawing though. I took picture of my roommates’ window’s view then sketched few thumbnails. The second and third two projects were my favorite i admit. The 6 inked- thumbnail on 9 by 12 bristol was a fun project where i was able to express and extend my imagination and still have a unity and economized space and materials that was in use. Last but not least was the 4 thumbnail cut-outs on 18 by 24 bristol which i loved and feared at the same time. I loved it because this was a very refreshing and challenging part and fearful because i had to use the blades. I finished this whole project around 3:30 am, I was not sleepy at all when i started the project and i couldn’t stop until i finished it. I don’t expect a big grade on this project because i had my ups and downs but i could live whatever my professor thinks i deserve.