ADV1100 – Research (Assignment #2)


Research /  Inspiration

Aural Topographies : Visualizing Sound’. This research uses the sounds and patterns I hear. Imagine what these sounds look like and how they relate to each other and describe them in these terms.

This research assignment was very entertaining as well as challenging. To listen and feel the song, then to draw it. I loved doing both sections because I could look at both patterns in different view. The patterns gave a new perspective to look for in staccato and legato form. The staccato music was more base and thumping which makes a sharp hits. That sound made me think of the lines of heartbeat. As for legato, this piece was more soothing and smooth. It was way too slow as well but this piece gave me pictures of flowing lines like a stream or river. At the end of this assignment we were supposed to finalize our Staccato and Legato inked- thumbnails in 9X12 Bristol.