Spreadsheets & Progress

Entry 15

With employee reviews coming up soon, victor brought to our attention some flow charts that manage and track our progress as we complete orders based on quantity, and volume of production. He also showed the rates of each designers completion and turn around time for each design that is appointed them, since there is a new younger work force being implemented this year as opposed to last year, there shows to be a 5% increase in productivity. There were some instances where my work orders were being completed after the due date, however upon further inspection, we concluded this was because of certain reps unable to return feedback in time, or even completely ghosting important emails that were sent to them. At this point he was able to point out to me another new rule that is being implemented, where if a rep does not respond within 72 hours of final proof email, we should go ahead and print. Otherwise it was just a general overview of how we will be tracked and the points that will be touched during the employee reviews.