Employee Reviews

Entry 16

Today was the day of employee reviews, and I was honestly super nervous, mainly because I have pretty much been at least 15 minutes late every day. However it’s went pretty smoothly as he only subtly touched on my tardiness, and mostly had good things to say (pretty much said he’s going to copy and paste for the class review as well) he also had given me a new payment offer as I continue my part time employment, but with the promise of an increase once I hit the full time mark. Overall victor along with Jordan presented a very comfortable atmosphere in the conference room, and asked me if I had any questions or concerns to help improve the system here. I did express some of my concerns with the lack of communication that sometimes occurs between the designer and sales rep, and she has promised to address the situation and find a way to enforce reps to be more aware of their emails. Otherwise I have been very happy with my experience here, the bonds i have developed and the experience i have received, I plan on staying here for at least 2-3 years and it seems they have their arms open.