Checklist, course policies, syllabus and resources

Here are my course policies:


Make sure that you have access to your City Tech email.

Here is the link for information about accessing your City Tech email account.

Then join OpenLab  and join this course.

Also make sure that you can log in to  WeBWorK, and do the first assignment there.

Your WeBWorK login information was sent to the email address that CUNYFirst has for you. For most of you that is your City Tech address.

WeBWorK policies:

All students are expected to have logged in to WeBWorK by no later than the 4th class meeting.

Students are responsible for doing all WeBWorK assignments in a timely manner, and to seek help in the appropriate way when necessary. Preferably use the “Ask for Help” button at the bottom of the problem.

A student may be given an extension for a WeBWorK assignment as long as the answers to that assignment have not been posted yet. The student must request the extension before the assignment closes. Normally the extension will be until the next WeBWorK due date. Each student may have one such extension for free: after the first extension, that WeBWorK assignment will have its score reduced by 25%.



lines prelude to ch 10 (contains additional notes that cover material on lines which is not in the textbook)

For a nice friendly review of fractions, see Math Is Fun . (This is the introductory page, and at the bottom are links to more topics and practice questions!)

The main MAT 1275CO Video Resource Site page is here:
The syllabus with links to videos is here:



Academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York. Penalties for academic dishonesty include academic sanctions, such as failing or otherwise reduced grades, and/or disciplinary sanctions, including suspension or expulsion.

Cheating is the unauthorized use or attempted use of material, information, notes, studyaids, devices or communication during an academic exercise (i.e. exams). In particular,the use of cell phone in any manner during the exam is prohibited.

The mathematics department takes violations of the academic integrity policy seriously.Any observed violations will be reported using the Faculty Action Report (FAR) form and may result in an academic sanction.