About me

My name is Sharlynick Samedi, but you could call me Nick for short I graduated from Bssj (Bushwick School For social Justice) and I’m now studying graphic arts at city tech. I’m interested in that field because I want to be a game designer it is my future goal to be one.  I’ve been drawing since middle school sketching, painting, just showing what I could do on paper. What motivate me to draw is my emotions just putting your feelings on paper is a great thing whether you’re happy or mad you’ll find your drawing is beautiful no matter how it looks like.

The reason why I want to be a game designer is because I like the way most designers brings drawings to life into a video game just seeing different characters and landscapes makes want to try and do the same. The companies that inspire me are Ubisoft the creators of assassin creed, Epic games the developers of Gears of War and Square Einx the creators of final fantasy. The way they created their games showing so much detail and color making their character move. I want to learn how to do the same and create a game of my own.

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