Culmination Project Reflection Paper


Shaian Khan

ENT 4499

Culmination Project

Culmination Project Reflection Paper

 My academic major is Emerging Media Technology and my concentration is Game Design and Interactive Media. If I have to choose a direction for a career, I would say I am quite interested in finding a career opportunity in the media industry. My choices are filmmaking, acting, video technology and game/content design projects. I also enjoy working with coding and programming related projects but sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with this. So, I want to keep the programming related career interests as an optional choice. 

The culmination project helped me to enhance my creative skills and opened up an opportunity to build the entire project from scratch on my own. I believe that I am very confident about my creative skills that I learned throughout the production period. And I am looking forward to finding a related job or an opportunity in the media industry where I can express and enhance my creative skills to develop my career goals.  

My culmination project is a 2D top-down shooting game built on the Unity Engine. The title of the game is Project Alienixor. And my technical advisor was professor Hosni. The plan is to build one endless level in the game and the goal is to include an addictive nature that should encourage players to return to this game over & over. Project Alienixor features a hardcore score based gameplay experience. The enemies will keep spawning and attack the player until the player dies. There will be a kill counter and a timer mechanic to determine the players’ performance. The player will be able to shoot enemies from long range and be able to perform melee attacks during close combat situations. The main objective is to kill the demons to set a score and survive as long as possible. 

In game development conflicts & challenges are common. As a solo developer I had to come across several technical difficulties whether it’s about setting up the codes or adding a complex in-game mechanic. This is the part where I would like to appreciate the support & assistance that I received from my technical advisor Prof. Hosni. There was a moment when I was struggling to set up some in-game scripts that were not working as I expected. I have reached out to Prof. Hosni and asked for his assistance. He provided me with the full support to resolve each conflict one by one and helped me to understand the logic behind each troubleshooting that we have done throughout the development period.  

In conclusion I would like I would like to state that working on this project indeed was a great experience overall. My main focus was to produce a product that I can modify in the future as I continue my research with Unity Engine. This culmination project should reflect my ideas and skills that I have acquired and practiced throughout the journey.

Author: Shaian Khan

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