Culmination Project WIP Report #1


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Shaian Khan

Game Project WIP #1

I am using the Unity Engine 2021.3.18f1 to make a 2D top-down shooting game. The game will feature 1 large level to explore. The main objective of this game is exploring the area and shooting the aliens. There will be a score and timer counters to determine players’ performance. 

(I also have a side idea to implement a roguelike procedurally generated level design, the idea is on the list)

This project idea is inspired by games like Returnal.

Work in Progress Report #1:

The first step was establishing a plan to build the first prototype on Unity. I have started doing the research to collect the royalty free 2D sprite files and top-down map tiles from I was running a test to import the files on Unity and checking if all the files are functional.

The assets links:

Rogue Fantasy Catacombs by Szadi art. (

Top down robotic enemies by Tyst (

The Player Sprite.

The Demon Sprite. 

Top-down Map tiles.

Once I had checked the essential files, I started working on the first prototype. I have created the player and added basic top-down movement mechanics. To make the 2d top-down movement much more polished and have a diagonal move, I added additional codes on the player movement script.

Here is the progress clip:

My next step will be to add the shooting mechanics for the player.

Author: Shaian Khan

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