Blog post #10

Winding down to the ending of the semester I have to say it was very quick hectic and very beneficial for what’s up to come in my near future.  Between being a full time student and and employee of my job outside of school I learned a valuable lesson.  I learned how to improvise and multitask as well as pushing myself and not  breaking down under pressure.  I still have more to go and keeping a steady mind frame helps me stay focused. I have work on the school’s social media site and upcoming work that will soon be available for display.  This was indeed a great experience and starting point for me and I’m glad I had the chance to work with professionals like Professor Vargas, Katherine and Yu. I recommend this as a starting point for all interns because I know it helped me out a whole lot. I’m more proficient in my motion graphic skills because of this experience and opportunity and couldn’t be more proud of myself.