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Blog post #10

Winding down to the ending of the semester I have to say it was very quick hectic and very beneficial for what’s up to come in my near future.  Between being a full time student and and employee of my job outside of school I learned a valuable lesson.  I learned how to improvise and multitask as well as pushing myself and not  breaking down under pressure.  I still have more to go and keeping a steady mind frame helps me stay focused. I have work on the school’s social media site and upcoming work that will soon be available for display.  This was indeed a great experience and starting point for me and I’m glad I had the chance to work with professionals like Professor Vargas, Katherine and Yu. I recommend this as a starting point for all interns because I know it helped me out a whole lot. I’m more proficient in my motion graphic skills because of this experience and opportunity and couldn’t be more proud of myself.

Week 4 Internship

This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.What’s special about working with Professor Vargas is that he puts you straight to work. That getting coffee and running errands at the store is not necessary in his eyes. Doing actual graphic designe is apart of his task even from day one when I started. My first task was to make an animation with text which took some time but I got the hang of it. I did this through a program called Adobe After Effect which is a motion graphics software.  I was a little rusty on the program since I haven’t used it 8n a while but everyday I got more familiarized with the software.  I actually am doing better work and performing better because I was pushed to new limits. I really feel like a Artist because Professor Vargas also acts as a client. He’s very picky  and particular in what he wants when it to the work. With the first assignment he told me to sketch out an idea for the motion graphic then excute it through After Effects. Because of this assignment I’m now more proficient with After Effects.