Is it too late to buy airline tickets? Not necessary

It is never too late to get a cheap ticket. You can always visit mu;tiple website like cheap where they have a variation of tickets. Also its best to go on like late nights because the prices tends to drop. You can also buy ticket way in advance so you can get them real cheap. Hotel ticket can somtimes come cheap along with the flights and also the cab. I found this article interesting because i am also looking for a ticket at this moment and they are truly expensive because its coming on to the winter season.

restaurant report

Guild and company own a restaurant called farm to table steakhouse however the main reason why they opened that restaurant is to showcase Vermont meat especially the beef.When they first opened they didn’t have a menu, the products that they featured determined what the menu would look like. They are also supplied by a nearby farmer with grass fed animals.There bone in rib eye is the most popular dish however they sell other stuff like seafood, pork tenderloin and cocktails I like this article simply because i like how the showcase there menu seeing that they will have different things frequently which is really cool.

Traveling to find your roots

A girl traveled to Transylvania to see first hand where her father grew up and died 2 years ago. They used social media like Facebook and twitter to reach out to other family members who live back home. since her visit i guess she told here story and and tourism offices are now caught on to the interest of organizing gatherings in heritage seeking. after a successful run in 2009 Scotland is now planning homecoming in 2014 inviting those with Scotland roots to celebrate their ancestors. the article also states that if you are interested in finding back your roots its  best to do your research to find death certificate, marriages or property transfers would be useful.

hotel yoga? everyone’s invited november 3

This article is basically hotels like Bel- Air and Beverly Hills using yoga as a way to attract more customers to there establishment. They offer complimentary snack and drink along with yoga lesson and hope that while people come they will also find interest in the other parts of the hotel. Also some hotels in California offer classes a day in different styles including restorative and power guest at $25 to $30 for everyone. With this price it offers covers things like Jacuzzi, steam room and pool.

Essex Resort and spa now checking in: pampered pets

I found this article to be very interesting all because I am from a country where dogs or should I say pets are not being pampered and cared for as much as they do here. I also am a dog lover but I am not able have a dog at this point.This article is about most hotels tend to be pet friendly more than what they use to be back in the days. a lot of people tends to have pets mostly dogs and so the hotel tries to make availability to families with pets as pets are someone known as family to whosoever owns them. some hotels that cater to pets had doggy rooms for them to be in or if they are allowed to stay into the room with the owners seen that room service is an option to some hotels. pets owners are provided with  a water bowl; organic treats; a squeak toy; a pooper scooper; a leash; a special Do Not Disturb sign to let the staff know there pet is in the room; and The New York Paws, a guide to area parks, shops, pet sitters and animal hospitals. Also some hotel such as the Kimpton hotel has guest without pets that are invited to be pet owners for the night. Essex hotel first open to pets into 2003 and it was one pet a week now its 10-15 per night. i like this article because i think pets also has feeling just like us humans and seeing that most people especially in the U.S owns pets having a doggy room in the hotel is another way of making money.


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