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ENG 1101 Fall 2021 0277 Visit Site

ENG 1101 Fall 2021 0277

Prof. Masiello
ENG 1101|Fall 2021

English Composition I is a course to help student improve their writing skills through various activities and assignments. Writing well is essential for all college students regardless of their majors or future plans.

HMGT + ENG FYLC F2021 Visit Site


Jody R. Rosen, Prof. Karen Goodlad, cstewart
HMGT 1101 HMGT 1102 ENG 1101|Fall 2021

This site is for the HMGT 1101 HMGT 1102 ENG 1101 First Year Learning Community in Fall 2021.

ENG2200: AmericanLit.I, Fall2021 Visit Site

ENG2200: AmericanLit.I, Fall2021

Mark Noonan
2200-OL41|Fall 2021

This is an American Literature I course.

Theresa Rodriguez’s ePortfolio

Theresa Rodriguez’s ePortfolio

Welcome to my Communication Design ePortfolio

COMD 3330 HE 10 Visit Site

COMD 3330 HE 10

COMD 3330|Fall 2021

The emphasis in this intermediate photography class is on creative problem solving with photography for the Communication Design field. Students learn to transform subject matter with photographic style in order […]

ENG2003:Poetry, FA2021 Visit Site

ENG2003:Poetry, FA2021

Mark Noonan
2003-OL37|Fall 2021

This is a Intro. to Lit. III (Poetry) course.

ENG 1101-O272 (English Composition I) Visit Site

ENG 1101-O272 (English Composition I)

Jill Belli
1101|Fall 2021

A course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques including use of the library. Demanding readings assigned for classroom discussion and as a basis for essay writing. Avatar Credit:

2021 Fall – MAT 2571 – Introduction to Proofs – Reitz Visit Site

2021 Fall – MAT 2571 – Introduction to Proofs – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
MAT2571|Fall 2021

MAT 2571 prepares students for an advanced mathematics curriculum by providing a foundation to proofs in abstract mathematics. Topics include propositional and first order logic, axiomatic approach to number […]

2021 Fall – MAT 2680 – Differential Equations – Reitz Visit Site

2021 Fall – MAT 2680 – Differential Equations – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
MAT2680|Fall 2021

A differential equation is an equation that relates a function to one or more of its derivatives. – The above rather boring description does little to convey just how fundamental, widespread, and amazingly e […]

ENG1101CO Eng Comp Coreq, FA2021 Visit Site

ENG1101CO Eng Comp Coreq, FA2021

L Wu
ENG1101Co|Fall 2021

English 1101Co is a writing- intensive course designed to strengthen your composition skills. Writing a variety of essays, in addition to a research paper, will help you develop skills such as building an […]

Saria Tabassum’s ePortfolio Visit Site

Saria Tabassum’s ePortfolio

COMD classes

David Velasquez’s ePortfolio

David Velasquez’s ePortfolio

Hello All ! My name is David Velasquez and this is my portfolio