Visual Quote Project



Aubrey Drake Graham, known simply as Drake once said, ” It’s a difficult time for a lot of people right now.” With this first sketch, I was trying to focus specifically with the word struggle. I used capital letters and colored in the negative spaces of the letters in red.  I picked the word struggle to use because it goes with the quote. According to the definition of struggle it means, ” a determined effort under difficulties.” 


On my second approach, I wanted to do a simple example of the quote  and how it made me feel.  I have the original quote on top, and the word, “struggle” spaced out on the persons body. I did this to show a visual of what a person would feel/look like if they were struggling.  They would feel frustrated or angry in a way. 



With my third and final approach with the visual quote , I wanted to so something different from the others . In this one I used a Verdana typeface  and used some typography skills to make the word struggle really stand out. I picked this typeface because Verdana has a large x-height , with loose letter spacing like the Helvetica typeface. Another detail that I made, was that I faded the words towards the end of the quote, to represent the impact of the word struggle.