Cooper Hewitt Museum


My Digital Media Foundations class visited the Cooper Hewitt Museum. The museum located 2 East 91st Street( between Fifth And Madison Avenues). We viewed some of the current exhibits and we visited the immersion room.


1-The first exhibit that caught my attention was this sidewall, Marilyn mono print. I like this artwork because it is very outstanding. The colors that are used are bright. The author also made the artwork have some negative space. The lady’s face as well as the background is black however, her features are represented in color. This artwork was manufactured by Flavor Paper. Its medium is screen printed and hand printed on chrome mylar.  This object was donated by Flavor Paper. It is credited Gift of Flavor Paper.L x W: 457.2 Ă— 74.9 cm (15 ft. Ă— 29 1/2 in.)

1916-26-1-a-t Ken Pelka 001

2-  This second exhibit that I noticed, was a birdcage. It is dated 1735–96 and 1880–1910 and was acquired by the museum in 1916. I found this particular birdcage interesting because of the design on the cage as well at the minor details around it. The cage has colorful designs all around. The medium is lacquered wood with inlaid bone,ivory, and ebony (base); carved and cut ivory, carved wood, carved jade, carved amber, cloisonné enamel, glazed porcelain. This artwork was donated by Thomas F. Ryan and catalogued by Carl C. Dauterman. Gift of Thomas F. Ryan. H x diam. (a): 56.5 x 33 cm (22 1/4 x 13 in.) H x dial. (b): 6.5 x 33 cm (2 9/16 x 13 in.).

Information of the work:

“Primarily produced in the era of Ch’ien Lung, a Chinese ruler known for his artistic sensibility, this birdcage marries beauty and function. Chinese bird keeping dates back to the 3rd century BC. By the 18th century, pet songbirds and their lavishly constructed cages were synonymous with social stature, marks of luxury and tradition.”

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3-Last but not least my attention was caught as soon as I visited the immersion room. This was a projector room, and I was able to view some wall coverings. This sidewall was designed by Dan Funderburgh and manufacture by Flavor Paper . What I like about this artwork is the details around the borders and the shapes. It represents city park as well so the author including some symbols that represent the city. The pigeons, parking meters, rats, fire hydrants .Its medium is screen printed on mylar.  Sidewall, City Park, 2007; Designed by Dan Funderburgh (American, b. 1978); USA; screen printed on mylar; Overall: 457.2 x 76.2 cm (15 ft. x 30 in.); Gift of Flavor Paper and Dan Funderburgh; 2007-36-2