Exam Prep for Thursday!


  1. popular poets:
Frost, Wilcox, Dickinson, Bradstreet, Poe, Longfellow, Dunbar, McKay, Hughes

2. poetry terms:

alliteration, metaphor-tenor and vehicle, symbols, connotation, irony, denotation, speaker, simile, repetition, assonance, enjambment, image


  1. Novel history and terms:
Ian Watt (emphasis on middle class -3), Ferdinand Tonnies: Gameinschaft and Geselleschaft, Bildungsroman, Early Novel (4 characteristics), 4 factors that led to the emergence of the novel. Narration: semi-omniscient, first person, second person, third person

2. Good quotations from Brown Girl, Brownstones

-Glass breaking scene: page 74-77
-Please say something in that…page 284-89. And Margaret’s house.
-Deportation scene–page 178-182
-“G’long? You was always too much woman for me…page 301-304
-Meeting Father Peace in Harlem–page 170
-First learn of land; plan by Silla to sell land; deceit to sell; Deighton purchases gifts with money from land
-Kitchen scenes?
-Crazy abandoned store that Selina runs into
-Williamsburg War Plant–Brooklyn Navy Yard
-Prospect Park
-There are two dance scenes! Wedding and Dance Night-RF
-BHA (3)
-House (Suggie, Mary)
-Miss Thompson
-Bangle throwing


3. Essay themes, questions, topics.

-Independence, bildungsroman
-The Blues
-American Dream
-Immigration and migration



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