Homework for Tuesday, April 5

Hi  Class,

I hope that some of the context that I provide today was helpful: four characteristics of the early novel, four factors that aided the emergence of the novel, and Ian Watt’s emphasis on the middle class who had the right education, expendable money, and leisure time.

Homework: Read to page 33 in BGBS; then look up one reference to Bajan culture and bring it to class. The reference can be from the novel or from current New York news.

Prof. Scanlan

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4 Responses to Homework for Tuesday, April 5

  1. Kazi Naznin says:

    Do we need to write about Bajan culture or any kind of research is fine?

  2. Kazi Naznin says:

    I was wondering what are we going to write about for Journal 5?

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