October/12/2017  By: Elsamet, Ahmed

This photo was taken on my English class. At Sep 28 on 5:12pm. It was near the window. This photograph shows like there is a mess on the class. It’t not a mess it just i moved the chairs and I put the article with my pen, next to my wallet and my money shown. As you can see, my big it’s next to me. Also my folder was on the chair next to me with the book of the class. I took This photo because we were discuss what is the second essay about and I took it, at first I decided to write my essay about this photo, but I changed my mind to take a better photo and you can see it clear. Not a mess like this photo because, my friend Rosivette told me that this photo not good to write anything about it, because it’s dark and the materials I want to describe them, they are not clear because they got the same color. I was like your right then I will change it.