One podcast that I found which was informative was the “3 point perspective podcast” which is headed by three industry professionals from comic book artist to children’s book artist and provide information for artist of all skill levels to bring their art game to the next level, where professionals teach you all the strategies and tricks that they may use to be the best in their fields. Things such as samples from classes that they have thought such as light and shadow, understanding working with color while giving information about setting up websites to run your business, Negotiating terms such as pricing, scheduling, and working with clients. While giving information on a wider array of topics such as how to find time to do your work, finding ways to self-publish and teach people through their own experiences “how to get over your fear of success” which I personally feel can affect anyone psych in this work where the need to succeed can become an obsessive task.

Some of the move informative episodes that I found to be helpful were the ones that were more relatable such as procrastination as an artist which everyone can relate to looking at a blank screen or black sheet of paper and how daunting of a task it can be to create something that you would like to be unique or stand out or how to deal with artistic rejection when you feel that your work is good and you are looking to get you to work viewed as something unique but the success has not arrived and the anxiety of watch people that you know or view through the internet may have found success quicker then you are. But to also find ways to push through the low points in your art journey and find what best work for you and if your work is working with the audience that you are looking for.