A networking event that I happen to find was the Afro Animation which is a black run network working and information event. Which happened on the days of Apr.27-28 where it brought together accomplished industry professionals to meet virtually and network to increase the diversity pipeline, discuss important subject matters on how to move the community forward, and enable all to connect, learn, and gain insight into the industry. While attending I viewed various guest speakers from the well-known movie studios and television networks such as Pixar, Marvel Studios, and Cartoon Network while able to real-time chatting and network with my fellow attendants and the various producers, storyboard artist, and writers that were in attendance. Some of the things that I found most informative were some of the best industry practices that some of these award-winners and executives on how to get a project greenlit and things to do to see an up-and-coming artist. 

Resources such as how to jumpstart your animation career with free resources like the “rise up animation” site which lets you form a mentor-mentee relationship with industry professionals while being able to have your portfolio reviewed by those same professionals. All of this allows you to get more in tune with the industry that you are trying to get into with various upcoming panels, and tutorials from industry professionals on designing and animating. Upcoming workshops and collaboration events to get a better understanding of what those in the industry are looking for when they are hiring future applicants while also giving those in the industry and those trying to break in the opportunity to keep up with the latest news on things going on in the industry.