When it came to collaborative work, I didn’t get much chance to do that because most of the work was a solo endeavor but, there were many opportunities to speak to a collective in the chats of the various assignments that were being given out. An opportunity such as how there are different stages to each project and/or assignment from interacting with the copy editor who is responsible for making sure that the copy that is being used in each project has no typos, and the hierarchy in terms of the type being used is set. While also being able to talk to various others through the use of a message board that is available to use inside each project window that shows a “To-dos” list letting you know what stage the project is at and the “Docs and Files” window that is available to everyone that can view the project in which you can view the projects copy, project notes, and design which can be used to drop off the indd, pfd , and/or jpg files.

What is successful about the collaborative work is that everyone is always open to questioning where you can ask people about certain aspects of the project that you are now sure about while also being able to view conversations between others whether it’s early or late in the project timeline in case there is something that you may miss so that you can correct or avoid mistakes while working on an assignment. While some of the aspects that I found were not successful for me were the large email chains which could be hard to keep up with when trying to meet a deadline and you must look through a stack of emails and you are trying to figure out what is directed to you in terms of your part of the assignment.