If I were to give myself a self-evaluation on the performance on of a project that I had done it would be when I had to update an old “International Affairs MA Brochure” the brochure need serval changes from Fonts and Branding, while also finishing off a flyer I found that I had to manage both being aware of how to correct the edits that were asked of me and how would I tackle the recreation of the new brochure that was asked of me. When it came to editing the flyer, I felt that it was easy in terms of direction because I knew what needed to be corrected. But when it came to recreating a brochure, it was a bit of a challenge to put a different spin on something that already existed with it being the first time working on a brochure for a while, try to sit in someone’s shoes, and trying to think why there did what they did in terms of placement, color choice, leading and spacing. I went to several versions of this brochure trying to figure out the best way to update the brochure without straying too far from the source material. 

When I found the right version and changes that best fit the brochure, that was the changing of the fonts, the spacing and leading that let the paragraphs breathe, and the changing of the various types of hierarchy that needed to be changed. It showed me that when you are tackling projects that are more type heavy you need to be careful about placement when it comes to arrangement and how the eyes of the viewer should be directed to move in a brochure, and how the color and branding can a line with what an overall company or business is trying to make as a uniformed collective.