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About Me


My name is Sajjadul Alam. My major is Communication Design in City Tech. My ideal job is to become a Graphic Designer and using the skills I’ve learned to become better on my design projects.

COMD4900- Internship Project 3

For this weeks internship I had to design a article called The Workers Dilemma By: Ruht Lovos. So the way I designed was first I was trying to figure out what the article is about and after reading the article what I did was I looked for a picture for the background a specific picture to represent what the article was talking about. After picking the background I decided on changing the colors of the text I chose colors that I think would stand out.

COMD4900 Internship- Project 2

For my second week of internship The Non-Profit Organization gave me an assignment. I had to make face mask mock ups using there logo. To be honest I was struggling a lot with this but first what I did was I looked at some tutorials online to see if I can get a better understanding on how to create mock ups using Photoshop. After following the tutorial step by step I got a little better at it. I wouldn’t say that I got perfect I would just say I’m getting there. After submitting my second assignment to Unity For Equality they told me that It looks great. I was a bit nervous since I don’t do well with Photoshop but I’m happy that they said it looks great.

Here are my Face Mask Mock up designs I was struggling a bit with this. So what I had to do was I had to put the name of the company on the mask and then try to fit in the logo I had to come with a design for the type that would fit with the mask so I took the text and messed around with the color a bit and see which colors would look better.

Gaming Poster

Gaming Poster COMD 2300

Here I designed a poster which is a Gaming Poster with this project I had a little fun with it. So what I did was with the text I added some shapes that would represent the console which I find to be very interesting. I then added some pictures like the controller for each console and the console itself so it represents what it is that I’m presenting.