About Me

My Name is Rodney Yarbrough, I’m a senior and I’m Expected to Graduate in Spring 2018 in Entertainment Technology. I am a sound person but looking to learn more. I currently work full time at York College, Office office the Registrars. I have a strong desire to make it in the Entertainment industry. Currently I volunteer at the theater in York College called the Milton G. Bassin PAC where I do stagehands. I am also a intern at the Gesley Kirkland Arts Center where I do sound and lighting. Over the years I’ve have gained experience in different types of things. i’ve been a DJ for many years, then i started producing music for local group. I started doing sound engineer  when I rearranged my churches sound system. I even use to do security work as well. My main goal when i graduate is to get a job in a  theater dept for CUNY the reason why because i’ve been working for CUNY for over 2o years and i’ll lose everything that i put in but if something big come up better I see what my options are. I plan to work a full time in a theatre and do side gigs as well.