My Internship is at the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center in Brooklyn NY not to far from NY City College of Technology. I am very excited to be an intern here. I work with really nice people who take the time and teach me things.  I’m learning light and their sound system and regular stagehand work. Hopefully when my internship is over, more doors will open for me. The pictures that I have posted as background was taken at GKA. The stage picture is a set I help with, this setup is every sunday because there’s a church called Liberty Church that uses the theatre for Sunday morning service. So every Sunday i’m here with the church. The next picture of the mixer is the board that GKA uses, it’s a Studiolive CS18 it an ok board but what I don’t like is that it’s connected to a stage box on stage and if that stage box is not on, then the board will not work so it’s useless with the stage box. below is a few pictures of events that i’ve worked on at GKA.

 This Dance event was held at the Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center on a Saturday evening. I was on the sound board controlling the music and the mics. The person performing in this concert was a artiste name Jacob Whitesides. This event was very exciting for me because this day I was thrown on the light board and was told i’m doing lights for this concert. I was scared because I never done lights before, all I’ve done was watch and fool around a little on the board. once I started fooling around with the lights, I came up with this color mix and we used it for the show. This show had boosted up my confidence because I was ask to work lights before but I turned them down, now i’m not scared. I’ve done lighting for the church a few times and now I have something to add on my resume.

The link below is the website where i’m doing my internship at.

Gelsey Kirkland Arts Center