Hi! My name is Richard Rohoman. I am freshman at City Tech where I am pursuing a degree in Communications Design. I am hoping to further my studies in Computer Animation or Motion Graphics. My interest in Computer Animation began 3 years ago when I was offered an internship at a company where I was learning computer animation. I did 2 years of internship until I earned a full time employment with the company. My boss fired me in 2018 for no reason so I have been working hard to fill in the gaps that I am missing in order for me to be a better animator by continuing my studies in school. Depending how things are going for me at school I will either stick with communication design or computer animation or motion graphics. The more I learn about computer animation and motion graphics, the more I want to want to continue my studies.

I am a reliable and engaging person. I am the type of person that shows up early and leave late. I am a quick learner and I am eager to pick up new concepts and ideas. I am always aim to contribute to a warn, creative and collaborative team environment. I am honest, kind and hard working individual who is striving to be a better person creatively and professionally.