Research Projects

In Den 1200, my classmate and I researched and presented the topic of Chronic Periodontal disease and Erectile Dysfunction. We presented our findings at our School’s Health Fair where both faculty and students had the opportunity to ask questions regarding our research.
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My classmates and I were given a Community Health Research assignment to teach children with developmental disabilities oral hygiene and nutritional counseling.This is what our final project looked like!

The information below was research that was done during Histology and Embryology class Winter 2015 on Amelogenesis Imperfecta!

amelogenesis imperfecta eportfolio-page-001amelogenesis imperfecta eportfolio-page-002amelogenesis imperfecta eportfolio-page-003amelogenesis imperfecta eportfolio-page-004amelogenesis imperfecta eportfolio-page-005amelogenesis imperfecta eportfolio-page-006

In Pharmacology Summer of 2015, I studied and researched the topic of Corticosteroids (topical and systemic) with two of my classmates. The wealth of information learned is worth sharing. Hope you find it as interesting as we did.

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