About Me

Roman Pienkowski, RN, AAS

My name is Roman and I received my AAS in December, 2012 from Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY. My experience was excellent as I excelled in all my classes and the support of the nursing faculty was superb. Originally, pursing nursing was not the reason for attending school but it happened to find me. I crave human interaction and I’m a caring person who is interested in the body and how it works. Its a perfect match. I attained by licensure in March of 2013 and had a difficult time finding work. Due to money constraints, I found a job at a pharmacy supervising the shipping staff, but thats not what my goal was. I left that job in 2015 to return for my BS. I’m happy to say that I will be attaining my BS from New York City College of Technology and I hope to enter the nursing field in any capacity that will help people live a healthier and more productive life.