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Individual Strength’s

Ā An individualā€™s strengths prepares them for the rigors of their personal and professional lives. Independent thinking is a strength that has helped me throughput my short nursing career. Pursuing the baccalaureate degree in nursing had guided my independent thinking and helped me become more than a staff nurse. The decisions I make affects many on a daily basis, including my patients and their families. I also possess the strength of discipline. Discipline has not only led me to exercise and lose fifty pounds, but it has enabled me to become more diligent of my career goals as well. Iā€™m also a determined individual who pursues goals that others may hesitate to undertake. I have excellent communication skills that aide in my daily care to patients with the interdisciplinary team and family members. Lastly, patience is an important strength that I utilize on a daily basis and has served me well in my nursing career. It is the strength that all nurses should possess since our workload is constantly changing. In addition, patience is needed when teaching patients and family members about new ailments and types of health care treatments.


Self Analysis of The Baccalaureate Nursing Program

The Baccalaureate degree in Nursing has impacted my life in profound ways. Nursing is a second career path for me and one I initially resisted. I entered this field after the economic downturn of 2009. Little did I know that would be the best decision I could make at the time and have a profound impact on my life. Nursing is more than administering medication and following doctorā€™s orders. The Baccalaureate degree in Nursing enables one to become an independent thinker. It provides a vessel for higher learning and understanding the nursing field for all it encompasses. Learning the different nuances of leadership and community based aspects of the nursing field has helped me to appreciate as well as care for my patients in a more compassionate manner.

This program has expanded my thought process within my daily life. This program is not just a set of classes one takes for employment. It enhances and builds upon the foundation we have learned in the Associates degree level. We learn to become leaders and have more autonomous thinking. My education has led me to becoming a stronger patient advocate, which is essential within our healthcare system. I have also cultivated knowledge within the insurance aspect of healthcare. Medical insurance and reimbursement is one of the main driving forces that effect our patients care on a daily basis. I would advise all fellow nurses to obtain this higher level of education in the future.

Nursing Philosophy

My philosophy of nursing is to always see the happiness in my patients no matter their circumstance. I will strive to uphold the teachings that Florence Nightingale had for the profession. Nurses touch their patientā€™s families as well and I will treat them with the same respect.

The most important role I have as a nurse is being my patients advocate. I will always keep in mind the ethics needed to uphold confidentiality and legal protection. I will always strive to uphold those fundamental human rights to rest, activity, elimination, acceptance, safety, oxygenation, and nutrition.

I understand nurses are entrusted with the lives of others every day. I will always try to understand the needs of my patients including their physical, psychological, or emotional needs. My focus will be on implementing an efficient plan of care and reviewing it as needed. I will use all of my skills to maintain a safe environment and administer medications safely.

I will be culturally sensitive and respect all of my patientā€™s differences. My nursing practice will include appreciation and the beauty in different cultures, religions, within the human race. I will care for my patients with the same level of care regardless of their financial background. I will also work within the interdisciplinary team to provide the highest level of care needed for the patient.


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