Individual Strength’s

 An individual’s strengths prepares them for the rigors of their personal and professional lives. Independent thinking is a strength that has helped me throughput my short nursing career. Pursuing the baccalaureate degree in nursing had guided my independent thinking and helped me become more than a staff nurse. The decisions I make affects many on a daily basis, including my patients and their families. I also possess the strength of discipline. Discipline has not only led me to exercise and lose fifty pounds, but it has enabled me to become more diligent of my career goals as well. I’m also a determined individual who pursues goals that others may hesitate to undertake. I have excellent communication skills that aide in my daily care to patients with the interdisciplinary team and family members. Lastly, patience is an important strength that I utilize on a daily basis and has served me well in my nursing career. It is the strength that all nurses should possess since our workload is constantly changing. In addition, patience is needed when teaching patients and family members about new ailments and types of health care treatments.


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