Class 01 Saturday 3/1

Class 02 Saturday 3/8

NO CLASS Saturday 3/15

  • No class but appointments will be open for students to complete Assignment 2

NO CLASS Saturday 3/22

  • No class but appointments will be open for students to complete Assignment 2

Class 03 Saturday 3/29

  • Assignment 2 programs run on robot
  • Lecture: Autopathing Grasshopper Curves in RobotStudio
  • Assignment 2 Part B assigned

Class 04 Saturday 4/5

  • Assignment 2B programs run on robot.
  • Lecture: Using Grasshopper to Rationalize Paths and Join Into Single Curve
  • Assignment 2 Part C assigned

Class 05 Saturday 4/12

  • Assignment 2C programs run on robot
  • Lecture: Deriving Panel Designs from Generative Drawings (working title for Assignment 3: “Thermoplastic Carapace”)
  • Students work on panel designs

NO CLASS Saturday 4/19

  • No class but appointments may be open for current assignment.

Class 06 Saturday 4/26

  • Review of student panel designs
  • Lecture: Variable panelization based on basic gravity loads using Karamba
  • Students work on panelizations

Class 07 Saturday 5/3

  • Review of panelizations
  • Lab: Testing forming limits of thermoplastics (deliverable: matrix of material performance data)

Class 08 Saturday 5/10

  • Review of material studies
  • Students begin work on designing custom tooling (“end effectors”):
    • One which secures the plastic sheets along four edges
    • One which leaves a single edge or multiple partial edges unsecured for potential panel overlap or scaling
  • Students begin work on forming elements to crease thermoplastic panels

Class 09 Saturday 5/17

  • Lab: Testing material studies using robotic tooling and programming
  • Students work on robotic programs to work within limits of material performance

Class 10 Saturday 5/24

  • Review of students’ material tests and programs
  • Lecture: Using HAL to automate robotic mass customization directly from Grasshopper

In full course 5 additional classes would be used to complete design, fabrication, and assembly of “Thermoplastic Carapace” projects. These additional classes would also give time to develop drawings and renderings for supporting boards.