Choose one example of industrial robotic manufacturing or other example of robotic automation used for making (e.g. Gramazio & Kohler‘s “Flight Assembled Architecture” project at the FRAC Centre Orléans in 2011/2012 with Raffaello d’Andrea in cooperation with ETH Zurich) as a precedent system.

Collect research on your precedent system. Consider the following information:

  • What robotic or automated model, device, or system is being utilized?
  • What institution, company, person, or team developed this system and for what purpose?
  • What year or years was this system developed?
  • What tooling (end effectors) are being used, and to what end?
  • How is the tooling secured to the robot, and what energy sources supply the tooling (e.g. pneumatics, power, etc.)?
  • Are any sensors or other computational devices involved? With a robotic arm there will always be a controller, but other devices may make use of devices like microcontrollers.
  • Is the robot’s motion synchronized with other robots, machines, devices, or processes? If not synchronized directly through a controller, if the system managed through a PLC or other logistics coordination methods?
  • What material or materials are being used or manipulated, and to what end?
  • How might this system, if it isn’t already, be applied to AEC?
  • What are the pros and cons of this system as an off-site prefabricated system versus an in-situ system?

Work in pairs to collect the research. All research topics must be approved by the professor to avoid duplicity.

The work will be presented in a PechaKucha-style format, meaning a 20 slide presentation in which each slide’s duration is 20 seconds.

Please submit the file prior to class by saving your Google Drive Slides (if you did not use this format, simply upload your PowerPoint to Google Drive) within the course share folder on Google Drive. I will embed them into a website so that they are properly timed and have a single access point.


Assignment 1: Samples of Prior Work