Rolex has established itself as a status symbol. When you see a person with a Rolex watch the first thing you assume is that the person has money and class. Rolex was founded in the 1900s. Rolex is known to make phenomenal watches being made with the best material and as well with the most precision. With Rolex being one of the best watches ever made it does have a lot of history in which Rolex has developed quite a lot through the years. Rolex was started by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis.

The start of the company began in London, England but later on was moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Hans wanted his watches to be named something that was easy to say in all languages and for it to be small enough on the watch. For the founders of Rolex, it was very important for them the precision of the watches so from the start that was the priority and they were successful; Rolex was the first to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision. This early achievement was fundamental being it was early in the Rolex history. When it comes down to the design of the Rolex logo the creators look to piece together a logo that was recognizable and easy to understand.

Rolex uses a typeface similar to Garamond. Rolex colors are Gold and Green. The gold color of the crown is used to symbolize the high-quality materials used by the company to make the watches. The green is used to symbolize money. When both colors are combined the main purpose is to create a symbol of wealth status, a mark of luxury. The Rolex logo can be found on the bracelet of the watch and on the face of the watch Rolex focus is to make watches that suit both men and women. Rolex is well known in pop culture it is being worn from celebrities to sport payers to businessmen and women.


All in Rolex its brand and logo seem that it will never die out. The reason it will continue to have success is that it is a status symbol and people really care about status and luxury. Rolex will continue to innovate its watches without a doubt as it has done through its history. So now you know to get yourself a Rolex timepiece and people will instantly think you have some sort of wealth.


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