Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum Field Trip


My class and I went to the Brooklyn Museum to see different artworks. The artwork I saw there made a great impact on me and made me think that I need to work on my own craft as an artist.

“The Guns Chronicles” was a project created by the artist J.R for the cover of the November 2018 issue for the Time magazine.“The Guns Chronicles” consist of people from all sides of the argument on gun control who then are used to create a large collage. There is both video and audio of each individual person that is in portrait. The whole point of the composition of this artwork is for the people in the collage to have a debate on the issue which is guns in America

More on J.R  and on why he created ”The Gun Chronicles”





JR who is a French designer and the reason why he took on this project was that he did not understand why did the US have so many issues involving guns. He decided that the best way for him to understand and for other people to understand was by getting the voices for, all types of people that have been in some way affected by guns. By giving a voice to everyone and placing them symbolically around a table he wanted to show that you can start to have a dialog when you are listening to all the different points of view.

Why do these artworks matter?

JR is a French artist and like all artist we want people to see our message through our art. JR a person who immigrated to the US noticed a huge issue which is guns. As a foreigner, he is able to see how this issue impacts people’s lives. JR’s goal is to be able to show people why guns are an issue in the US by having people on both sides of the issue explain their points of view on the topic.

The main goal of JR for this project was to have as many people as possible and for them to give their point of view on the issue and to form have a conversation on the topic. Me personally my point of view on guns and gun control has not changed and my view is that we need to impose stricter regulations on guns. I do understand why JR would want to take on this project because who would want to see so much violence.


To conclude it is important to listen to all sides of the issue to understand why people view guns a certain way. What I take away from JR’s artwork is that it is important to try and see everyone’s perspective and to be able to create something real from that