Should you go to the bar and order a margarita? Should your chilled corona go with a slice of lime? You’re out of luck, because this is the limepocalypse. The 2014 shortage of lime is in full effect due to criminals and drug cartels hijacking truck vans of limes in Mexico, which produce 97% of limes to the U.S. A.  A case of limes would sell about $30.00 but are now priced as high as $200.00! For all the Mexican food lovers, this is a problem, being that the base ingredient for majority of Mexican plates is the lime. Who would have thought that limes would become such a rare delicacy?

Sobbing in tears yet because of the lime shortage? An article in the Mexican newspaper Vanguardia reported that the Knights Templar drug cartel has used kidnapping, murder, money laundering and terror to take over the avocado business in Michoacán, the top state for production and export of the fruit. No limes, no guacamole, a problem.

Local bars and restaurants are in bitter  defeat. Owners are either taking it up amongst themselves to absorb the cost, while others are passing it on for the consumer to squeeze it out of their wallet. So if you eat out or drink out, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems and limes are one.


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